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Sites e grupos Draconianos e Vampíricos

● Casa Quinotaur (House Quinotaur) Site disponível em Português

“Welcome to House Quinotaur. :) We are an established House within some cases some new ideas, however, we hope you'll like what you see here. We have attempted to cater to all types of people with the fundamental need to exchange energy, with diverse backgrounds and diverse beliefs. (…)”

● Dragon Rouge

“Dragon Rouge is an esoteric society that is non-confessional, undogmatic, and eclectic. We are interested in philosophy, psychology, religion, science, and culture. (…)”

● Order of the Vampyre

“The Order of the Vampyre is an Order which embraces the concepts of Vampyric Presence as a means to personal power and potential Immortality. (…)”

● Kermetic Order of Aset Ka

“The Kemetic Order of Aset Ka is a spiritual society and metaphysical order of mysteries that was founded in Kemet by Her Highness Aset, during a time the ancients know as the Sep Tepy.(…)”

(OBS: A maioria dos links são de sites e grupos  estão no idioma inglês, com exceção da Casa Quinotaur.)



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